Space Mountain (Disneyland)

Space Mountain (Disneyland)
Disneyland Park
Disneyland Resort

Note: Disneyland’s space Mountain currently is operating with a Star Wars themed “Hyperspace Mountain” overlay.
Emerge from hyperspace and dart through a raging dogfight on this reimagined high-speed, outer space Star Wars adventure.
Rocket into a Star Wars Battle

Be prepared to dodge blaster crossfire as you evade a swarm of Rebel X-wing starfighters and Imperial TIE fighters. It’s an epic battle right out of a Star Wars movie!

The adventure begins as Admiral Ackbar briefs you on your mission: the Rebel Alliance needs your help flying a reconnaissance vessel to survey an Imperial Star Destroyer.

An elite X-wing squadron escorts you into hyperspace. You arrive at your destination to find the Star Destroyer waiting for you, surrounded by a swarm of TIE fighters. It’s a trap!

As the Rebels valiantly battle the Imperial vessels, you’re caught up in a barrage of red and green blaster fire. Your maneuvers become more intense as you join the Rebel squadron for a final, courageous assault on the menacing Star Destroyer.

Stay on target… for out-of-this-world thrills on Hyperspace Mountain!

Photo by redheaded_pirate